We're moving to Philly!





At last it is settled that my husband is transfering to the office in Philladelphia, the USA. When I first heard about the news from him, I had a kind of complex feeling which was mainly from my concerns about raising my son who is very little. Yes, he is just a 6 months-old baby and many people especially grand parents are looking forward to seeing him grow day by day, little by little.
But come to think of it, living in foreign countries has always been our plan of future as it would help us seeing closely the different ways of life, experiencing other culture, and what is more, showing them to our son. There are of course risks for him in moving to the USA at his age, however, there are more or less some risks for him to do so at any age. It is all upon parent's responsibilities which we are always taking, wherever we are.

I'm very glad to move to the States with my family, not by myself like when I was studying in postgraduate course in Brighton. NO MORE REPORTS OR PRESENTATIONS!!
by skintandminted | 2010-04-20 00:05 | life

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